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Xplore Rwanda is an online and print travel information hub that offers travel news, and tours resource. We are involved in researching travel and compiling travel guides for destinations within Rwanda offering saving tips for travelers and sharing new information throughout our Website.

www.xplorerwanda.com has information about hotels, restaurants, sights and adventure packages. We offer free listings of travel deals and special offers from travel and tour suppliers and also covering news in the industry as well as provide various opportunities for advertisers to reach travelers through display of advertisement.

Mission Statement

Connecting travel, tours and people through content and data products with technology empowering markets.

Core Values

  • Deliver Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Trust
  • Responsive to market needs

Commitment to all stakeholders:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Shareholders
  • Vendors



Team Xplore

Ezra Kwizera (Business Management & CO-Producer)

Ezra kwizera co -works with our production in house team and over runs all media productions projects at Xplore Rwanda and in charge corporate company liaison with our company and clientele based here in kigali and Canada.

Julia Ritsche (Travel Editor)

Julia has extensively travelled the region having worked for over 4 years in east Africa with experience, in travel and tours in over 8 African countries, a travel blogger and our editorial and content consultant, based in Kigali and Berlin.

Mugerwa Douglas (Operations Desk)

Douglas has over the years worked in the domain of media publishing and communications with a multitude of experience in emerging markets, sales and PR. His knowledge and experience involves active business and product development.

Terracina Peter (Online Editor

Peter moonlighted into our online editor after many stints in journalism and event development positions earlier on, also an avid reader: he proof reads all editorial media content for Xplore Rwanda and runs the events production team here in Kigali and the US.

Kagorola Benjamin(Marketing & Sales)

Benjamin holds responsibility for marketing and sales growth of the company’s print and online and visual products, in charge of managing and accelerating growth, best practice and service within the company also building strong relationships with partner companies and their clients.

Methodi Muhoza (Visual Media Producer)

Our in house media and visual expert-the master mind behind our travel TV show in our visual department.

Micho Douglas (Graphics &Content Design)

Micho works under the creative department of Xplore Rwanda - he develops everything from logos, posters, catalogs, website packaging, signage, and pr materials a critical thinker who regularly analyzes current marketing trends of consumer graphics implementing those ideas.


Contact Information!
Xplore Rwanda
P.o box 4567 Kigali- Rwanda
:+25073 3333171
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Website: xplorerwanda.com
Xplore Rwanda

Xplore Rwanda is an information outlet covering the tourism industry with focus on service providers and products. Our print magazine and online information website at www.xplorerwanda.com offers visiting tourists to Rwanda with updated quality information and travel tips in Rwanda.

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Mini maps to guide our tourists in Rwanda. 


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